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Peoples Vote March

Wednesday 31st Jan 2024, 11am - Late
Come to London for the day to join NRM, SODEM, GRASSROOTS FOR EUROPE, LONDON 4 EUROPE and MORE for a day of action and fun to mark the anniversary of the day the UK began economic sanctions on itself. (DOH)

From 7am - Late, there's likeminded people to be with for the day and evening with various activities, see all the details below!

On the day, find Steve Bray of SODEM on the island turning right out of Westminster Station and ask the guys there to direct you to George Kilaiditis the NRM / London 4 Europe volunteer co-ordinator.  George will be there from 11am.

You should be able to get 50% OFF train tickets to London on the day, find out here:

SODEM Action (7am - 5pm)
SODEM runs from 7am to 5pm each Wednesday parliament is sitting to coincide with MPs coming in for PMQS.
If you want to help greet Sunak coming in, best to come from around 11am
Look for SODEM on the traffic island, turning right out of Westminster Tube.
NRM Vigil 2024 (11am - 6pm)
There will be a designated area where you can leave any small object that expresses your feelings on leaving the EU. You are encouraged to bring either a flower, led-candle, small lock, or a note writing how Brexit has affected you personally and emotionally.
Join other volunteers for the day, meet new people and old friends, spread the message to the public and have fun!
Grassroots for Europe Erasmus & Membership Action (11am - 6pm)
Various grassroots teams will be leafleting throughout the day.
NRM invite you to volunteer for an hour or two and help raise awareness for our campaigns.
"Death by Brexit" medicine shortages activism (1pm)
 Join activist Magdalena Williams on the critical issue of medicine shortages exacerbated by Brexit.  Bring warm clothes, check the weather - maybe you'll need a brolly!
Advocate for re-joining the European Medicine Agency for the sake of saving lives.
NRM Light Installations & Singing (5:30pm - 6pm)
 Join NRM for a visually striking moment as we illuminate our pro-EU sentiments.
Optional Pub Visit (6pm)
After the daytime events, you're welcome to join NRM for a relaxed visit to the pub. 
Come and join in!
Volunteers Are Essential: Volunteers are the heartbeat of NRM's movement. Whether you come independently or with your local group, your presence and support are invaluable. Feel free to take breaks as needed, and join NRM in making these events impactful. Volunteer here.

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